The German Saturday School Frome is currently offering two hours of German lessons on four consecutive Saturdays per term on the Premises of the Frome Community College (Block C, Bath Road, Frome, BA11 2HQ) between 10.30am and 12.30pm. The lessons are aimed at children from a bi-lingual background.  

Lessons are held by our German teacher Angelika who successfully conducts the lessons in a playful and educational manner.
We have one class for children aged 6 to 10. There is also a group of younger siblings who are being entertained with games and arts and crafts in another room. The costs per term are thanks to raising numbers back to £40, younger siblings are free.

For the waiting parents we offer coffee or various kinds of tea and often homemade cakes or other goodies for a little donation into our 'jam jar'.

We are a group of like-minded parents and try to decide on school related issues through agreement. Help is always welcome but not necessary.

For more information please contact:

e-Mail: oder

phone: 07515 313 653


New Start in September 2012 ! ! !

We will be starting again in September and  are still taking in pupils.

Many thanks to all of our pupils, parents, volunteers and our lovely teacher for another successful year. We are wishing you a wonderful summer and are looking forward to seeing you again in September.


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